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Customer Testimonials

Hi Marc,
I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to have my new system up and running. I have had most of my neighbors over to show them my meter spinning backwards and I can’t wait to see the first electric bill from SCE.
David Swanson

Hey guys, Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our new solar system. I thought that it was going to be real mess getting all the panels up on our roof, but your guys made it look so easy and
finished it a day sooner than expected.
The Stouversons

Our bill for July was about $50. We’re still running a negative bill for the first three months combined. July had the heat streak, and we ran the air conditioners quite a bit in that timeframe. So we’re very happy with the low bill. So far for the first ten days of August, we’ve used less electricity than July, and we may have another negative month, unless it heats up. The time of day billing seems to have resulted in a significant advantage to us. We’re getting “paid” for making electricity when it’s most expensive. When we are a net user (evenings and weekends), we are paying the lower rates.
All the best,
Michael T. Hornak
Rutan & Tucker, LLP

Ron and Marc,
Just wanted you to know we received our SCE bill for March and we owe $0.97.
This is great!
Pat & Scott Brooks
Note: The Brooks' last bill was $450.

FYI: My bill I received today was $87.00 Yea!! Down from $600. That was the last bill I received before I got the panels.
Bill Baldi
Distribution By Air
Executive Account Manager

Thanks Marc,
I am LOVING the system. Now I see a new problem. I may need to seek therapy to help my compulsion of walking out to the unit every 15 minutes to look at the performance! Is there an option where the inverter screen can be read on my IPod? Don’t answer that, just kidding.
She is cranking as I write this.

Hi Again Mark,
I won’t keep bothering you with these each month, but I just get giddy with pleasure each time that the bill comes in. Now I am “putting it in the bank” and expect to see some charges once we start using the air conditioning.
Thanks again for a great job,

Thank you for being patient with us. When we first decided to look
into getting solar we didn’t know much about it but your staff was
informative and helped us understand how our electrical bill works
in order to decide on the system size that works best for us.
We love our new solar panels.
Bill and Patty Thompson

Dear Marc,
Congratulations on the completion of an extraordinary installation of my new solar array and electrical system that will benefit me for the rest of my life and beyond. Your company has shown itself to be thoroughly professional, rigorous, and totally responsible for the best quality outcomes that could be achieved.

I especially want to note the exceptional craftsmanship of James Gray who did the final electrical panel and wiring work. I happened to be home today when the City of Orange Inspector came to review the final electrical arrangement for my solar system. As he checked out one aspect after another of the many various components of the system that James had installed, I heard the City Inspector say. "That’s nice work", “Good job". "Perfect”, “Just right", “0K!", "Good!", ect. I lost count of how many times I heard him say such things after he had done so for more than a dozen times. The Inspector even commented on how “well dressed" the electrical boards and boxes were as they appeared on the side of my house as a finished product. It was simply a pleasure to observe the professional critique of such excellent work done by your company. I must suggest to you that James specifically, and your company in general, has more than satisfied my expectations for this project. I look forward to enjoying the benefits of it for the rest of my life.

If I can ever offer you a recommendation to future customers. I hope you will use this letter in that direction, or ask me for more specific references if that is appropriate.

Thank you very much for your exceptional work on this project.
With my very best wishes,
November l5, 2010

I was getting a new roof at the same time that I wanted solar, and so I used Candelaria Electric because my roofer liked them. I wanted to do everything I could to foster communication with them and to have them coordinated. Therefore I thought it would be best to use Candelaria Electric.

I told Candelaria Electric that I would not buy unless I didn't have to do any paperwork. I heard there is always a mountain of paperwork for all the rebates, and I didn't want to deal with it. I only wanted to sign everything. That is what they made sure happened for me. Sheila took care of all the paperwork, and it was a mountain.

I also liked that Sheila went to the homeowners association with me. They can't legally deny me solar panels, but they can sure make it difficult, and it seemed they wanted to make my life miserable. Sheila sat through the meeting with me and answered all the questions that I could not answer. I appreciated that.
Deborah Bernreuter


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