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Southern California Solar Power Installation and Sales

We’re Licensed to Install a Complete Solar Electric System

Candelaria Solar Electric is a full service residential, commercial and industrial C-10 electrical contractor specializing in solar electric sales and installation throughout greater Southern California.

As a C-10 electrical contractor we are licensed to do 100% of the necessary electrical terminations to install a complete grid tied solar electric system. Unlike companies who only have a C-46 solar contractor license, we can complete the job and do not have to subcontract to a licensed electrician. So, you can be assured that all your electrical connections are done by a CA state certified Journeyman electrician.

We Communicate with You During Your Solar Installation & After

Candelaria Solar Electric takes pride in maintaining a personable relationship with you by keeping you well informed during the complete process. We immediately take care of your questions or concerns.

We offer Solar Services to the greater Southern California area including: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

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Candelaria Solar Electric
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What You Don’t Know Could
Cost You Extra!

Know the Facts About Your
Electrician’s Contractors License

What’s the difference between a C-10 Electrical Contractor and a C-46 Electrical Contractor?

As a C-10 electrical contractor, Candelaria Solar Electric is licensed to perform 100% of the necessary electrical terminations to install a complete grid tied solar electric system. Some solar installation companies only have a C-46 solar contractor license and do not have the license to hook-up the installation to your electrical box. They must subcontract part of the job to a licensed electrician, costing you extra time and money. At Candelaria Solar Electric, we are licensed by the state to complete your entire solar electric installation job for you!

Roofing contractors are not electricians
Who wants a roofer doing electrical on their home or business. Most Solar electric systems can have up to 600 volts DC going through them!
Be aware that electrical fires and shock are a serious problem due to untrained people who make attempts to do electrical work.
At Candelaria Solar Electric our installers have many years of roofing experience and most importantly our electricians are CA state certified Journeyman electricians so you can rest assured that the installation is done by professionals.



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